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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Us

Who are we?

We are the best friend you never had. Endlessly scoping out deals to your favorite concerts, sporting events and shows, we don't let you down.

How DO we do it?

We were trained by an army of "Ticketeers" in the trenches of the web. We are committed all-day, every day, to ensuring customer satisfaction and bringing you the best bang for your buck.

Why buy from us?

Because we understand the buzz that tingles across every cell of your body when you finally get to hear your favorite singer belt out a tune. We get that even the oldest scotch and finest Cuban can't make you feel as warm and fuzzy as a coveted box in Yankee stadium. But most importantly, we realize how easily this experience can take a 180 and go from unbelievable to downright miserable. Scalpers, fake tickets, miscommunications; one wrong move and the win goes to the other team. We guarantee that when you shop with us, the only thing you have to stress about is what sneakers you'll wear court side.

Why not just buy from that dude outside the stadium?

You can try, but what happens when they sell you a fake ticket and you are stuck watching the game from the bar across the street? Don't play with fire- just purchase tickets from a trusted source that has your best event interests at heart.

Trust Us.

Is my information safe on your website or are you planning to sell it to WikiLeaks?

Privacy is our top priority and we assure you that any information shared with us will be taken to our grave. We do not keep any payment information on file after a purchase to protect you from fraud. In addition, our site is protected by and monitored constantly by the strongest informational technologies.

What is this "Iron Guarantee" you speak of?

Click on the link to read all about our flawless customer service commitment.

Itty Bitty Issues

What if it's two days before the show and my tickets are lost in the abyss?

Call us immediately and we will do our best to put on binoculars and find them.

I have on my coolest Converse sneakers, and amazingly priced tickets, but I can't get into the venue?!

Although this rarely ever happens, call us immediately. We will do everything possible to resolve the situation. Your purchase may be covered by our Iron Guarantee™.

The drummer is too drunk to perform, AKA My event was just cancelled/postponed. What should I do now?

Call us. We will help you find replacement tickets or provide a refund if there is no date rescheduled.

Whoops- You made a mistake.

I misplaced my ticket. What now?

We will call the seller and talk to them about reissuing your tickets. They aren't always able to do so, so try your best to avoid this situation.

I accidentally bought tickets for the wrong date. Any chance of an exchange?

You're really on a roll, huh? Call us for a quick chat and we will try to work our magic and see what options are available.

Whoops- we made a mistake.

I just received the wrong tickets. What the heck man?

Oh no... Sorry about that! Mistakes happen. Call us for a proper replacement or full refund.

My seat isn't what was promised on the site.

Although we use industry proven methods for seat identification, sometimes a seller makes an honest mistake. If this happens to you, call us for a credit towards a future purchase.